Lanolin Cream + Vitamin E - 100g

Lanolin Cream + Vitamin E - 100g
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Lanolin is a wax produced by woolly animals as a form of waterproofing. The wax naturally coats their wool to prevent them from getting wet. Lanolin is similar in composition to oils produced by the skin of other animals for the purpose of waterproofing, hydration, and lubrication. It is sometimes known as wool fat or wool oil, although chemically it is classified as a wax.

This wax is especially useful in emulsions of water and oil. It appears in many cosmetic products, especially those which are meant to lubricate or soothe skin. Cracked, dry skin can benefit from regular applications of this product, and it also shows up in products used to treat chafing, rashes, and similar conditions.

Palicon Lanolin cream is a rich blend of natural lanoline cream specially formulated to care for all skin types, it contains vitamin E. It is non-greasy and is readily absorbed to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin.


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